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Project leader:

Partnership for Development Foundation

The Partnership for Development Foundation has been existing since 2011. Its activities serve both modern education and the promotion of human rights, including his civil rights. The Foundation aims to shape responsible attitudes in the aspect of rational use of natural resources in development processes economic in accordance with the policy of sustainable development. The Foundation is the governing body of Infotech Schools (Technical School of Programming, High School and Primary School with a Finnish model of education). It is also the coordinator of the Infotech Technology Cluster. The Podlasie Technology Cluster was established in order to join the forces of entities operating in the new technologies sector. Contacts with cluster companies are a source of necessary professional competences used in the teaching process at INFOTECH Schools.

As the coordinator of the INFOTECH Technology Cluster, the Foundation has created a network of cooperation and exchange of information on the needs of Podlasie entrepreneurs from the IT industry. The Partnership for Development Foundation has experience in creating an educational offer. The example is the creation of an original curriculum for the profession of programmer technician. The education offer was created in close contact with entrepreneurs from the IT industry, who, knowing the real demand for specialists in the field of modern technologies on the labor market, had a real impact on the shape of the curriculum. The project staff has many years of experience in the implementation of PROJECTS co-financed from EU funds concerning the improvement of competences among students and teachers. The Foundation actively participates in the organization of various types of industry meetings (conferences, trainings).

Project Partners:

Białystok Technical University

Bialystok University of Technology (PB) was established in 1949 and is the largest technical university in north-eastern Poland. At 6 faculties, it educates nearly 7,000 students at first-cycle studies (bachelor's 3-year and engineering 3.5-year) and second-cycle (master's degree 1.5 or 2-year). The University also runs an interdisciplinary School Doctoral School and has a wide range of postgraduate studies. The Faculty of Computer Science, whose staff will be involved in the implementation of the project, has extensive experience in developing educational programs in fields related to programming and the IT industry. People involved in the project have repeatedly participated in the creation of study programs in various fields of study implemented at the Faculty of Computer Science. For years, the Faculty has been cooperating with the socio-economic environment, thanks to which it has extensive knowledge in the field of adjusting the education offer to the needs of the labor market, and with academic centers around the world within the framework of bilateral scientific agreements. On the basis of this cooperation, national and international didactic projects are carried out, also as part of the Erasmus + program. The key people involved in the project, on the part of PB, have experience in building study programs taking into account the trends flowing from the IT industry labor market. In addition, they are academic teachers with many years of experience and high teaching methodology both in the field of higher education and vocational vocational education. They are the authors of courses on the e-learning platform of the Faculty of Computer Science pb, mentors of scientific circles and promoters of diploma theses.

GeoCamp Iceland

GeoCamp Iceland is a private educational institution founded in 2009 with the aim of advancing and advancing STEM education in Iceland, as well as hosting international groups of students and teachers. Annually, 400-500 students and teachers attend GeoCamp courses, from secondary schools to students, as well as from international and national teacher associations. GeoCamp works closely with regional and national educational and research institutions. GeoCamp is an active member of the European Geoparks Network.

GeoCamp Iceland participates in regional, national and international educational projects, research development and training opportunities, with a main focus on developing curricula for teachers and students and training materials for outdoor science teaching and STEM-related training activities. GeoCamp has been involved in numerous local and national development projects, mainly in collaboration with REykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark, focusing on the development of educational materials, STEM education in Iceland and the promotion of the area for international research groups.